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The Institution Today

The Institute of Child Health continues to offer medical and surgical services to the ailing, and especially, the underprivileged children of the society. It has now a hospital with two hundred beds. Around 50,000 children attend the out-patients department every year. We offer preventive as well as curative services. The special clinics such as Asthma Clinic, Kidney Clinic, Growth Clinic, Dermatology Clinic, Neurology Clinic and Nivedita Centre for Challenged Children cover all aspects of child health.

the institute today

The institute also carries on its obligations as an organization for imparting pediatric education recognised by the Medical Council of India. It is a post-graduate teaching centre affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Diploma in Child Health, Doctorate in Medicine and Diploma of National Board courses are offered to post-graduate students. Nine graduate students of the University of Calcutta enroll each year for the post-graduate DCH course offered at the institute. Six students enroll for the MD course offered at the institute every year. All postgraduate admission in DCH and MD courses are enrouted though West Bengal University of Health Sciences in accordance to the Medical Council of India guidelines. The Institute does not have any private medical seats, all seats are being Government seats. One student enroll for the DNB course in Pediatric Medicine, offered at the institute each year. Six students are enrolled for Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) course every year. The institute has been recognized as a centre for DNB practical examination in April 2003. The institute has applied to the Medical Council of India, so that the Institute is able to offer the Master of Chirurgerie course in Pediatric Surgery. Few post-graduate students work towards their PhD at the institute as well. Over twenty individuals have completed their PhDs from this Institute.

The Institute holds seminars four days a week. Case presentations, 6 days a week. Case seminars are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, X-ray Seminars on Wednesdays and Teaching Seminars are held on Fridays. Journal Seminars are held twice every month and guests are invited to deliver lectures as well. Breakfast / morning seminars on every Tuesday is very popular amongst the postgraduates. The institute holds Dr K.C. Chaudhuri and Sisir K Bose Memorial lectures every year. Every year on 15th August, The Institute of Child Health organizes a whole day workshop/conference on Office Practice which is attended by approximately 300 delegates from the country, with guest speakers on topic of importance. The Institute has a well-stocked library.

The institute believes that its journal, "Annals of The Institute of Child Health", which is being brought out quarterly, would facilitate academic interaction among the members of the institute and Pediatricians in general and focus on the activities going on in the various departments.

Dr Apurba Ghosh, Director, The Institute of Child Health, affirms that the organization has the following goals:

  • To help cure diseases and offer protection to the physical and mental health of every child regardless of the child`s economic circumstances.
  • To carry on research in pediatrics.
  • To offer training to doctors, nurses, technicians and social workers.
  • To help build a healthy population in India.

The institute is a non-profit making organisation run by a trust. In spite of being a non-profit organisation,with its financial constraints, we at the institute, with generous help from the Govt. of West Bengal as an aid, cooperation from Kolkata Municipal Corporation and benevolent donors, are constantly upgrading ourselves to impart the best patient care and medical education.

We request one and all to donate to Institute of Child Health Trust which falls under the purview of section 80G of Income Tax Act of India